April 5th, 2009

shori: stares down

Nobuta wo Produce in the Philippines!! now confirmed!!

okay... it is now confirmed that Nobuta wo produce will be shown here in the Philippines... I already saw the CM... And to tell you the truth, I was really shocked cause i thought that it is just a rumor!!! The date of the airing date is not yet confirmed...

i hate to admit it... but i don't want it to be shown here in the Philippines... BTW, Nodame Cantabile will also be shown here in GMA 7 too... no airing date mentioned yet...

argh!! jdramas are being shown here continuously!!!

hate it!!

layout & 25 headers~

hi everyone!
ive got a new layout, it comes in 4 variations.
it also comes with 25 different header for you to choose from.

25 Layout Headers ft.

{2} Jin Akanishi

{2} Kamenashi Kazuya
{1} Ueda Tatsuya
{1} Taguchi Junnosuke
{1} Nakamaru Yuichi
{1} Tanaka Koki
{3} NEWS (group)
{1} Tegomass
{2} Tegoshi Yuya
{3} Kato Shigeaki
{3} Ryo Nishikido
{3} Koyama Keiichiro
{1} Yamashita Tomohisa
{1} Masuda Takahisa

{click image for larger view}

all can be found @ okimiyage