April 6th, 2009

Vote for NewS

sorry for reposting but today's the last day and we are 2,000 votes behind!!vote for news

domo minna, channel v is having an artist battle and NEWS is taking part . They're so behind against suju right now so please please show your support by voting!! You have to register first. Round 1 ends on April 6 that is on monday..
to register just go to www.channelv.com and to learn more about the battle and to cast your vote go here

you can register with fake e-mails and can vote twice per registration, all you have to do is click the v sign again after clicking the "ok" button on the thanks for voting pop-up.

Pi's Nikki (05th April) and old posts

this time it isn't tomapi love..
it PIN LOVE!! *ooh~ i love this pair!*
both ikemen, sexy and sweet to each other at the same time..hehe..

due to request from Senko at lj..
i've decided to help to translate old post..
bt from 01.01.2009 onwards..
i'm in a state of private limited right now..hehe =)


to older post:
2009 January Posts
until jan10 only..
haven't complete >.<