April 8th, 2009

★Ikemen Land★

Hi ^^

This is something for French speaking people ^^ (no discrimination intended but it's a french forum so it'll be difficult if you can't speak French ^___^)
So.... well I'll continue in French then ^^

Une amie à moi vient de créer un forum pour fangirler sur les Johnny's, D-Boys et autres acteurs/chanteurs et je l'aide à faire de la pub un peu partout ! ^^

J'espère retrouver plein de monde ^^ N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire !!!

I'll x-post it in other Johnny's community ^^
ByeByyyye ^^

Girl blue cloth beach

Ryo Translation Blog

Hi there! After a break from fandom for half a year I've finally been sucked in again. :) So I decided on doing something new - and I'd like to introduce the Ryo Translation Blog, which strives to be a place for all kinds of information on Nishikido Ryo gained from magazine articles. There are some old translations which I shared here and in other communities before, but there also are a lot of new ones. At the moment, I'm adding an article each day. I started with the first article Ryo ever had (1998) and am working my way forward in time. :D

If you're interested, I'd be happy if you come visit! ♥
Shige // ^^

[Sharing] NEWS - Koi no ABO icons~

I just download the NEWS PV of Koi no ABO. Thanks for youchandesu for sharing the wonderful PV~ ^^ And I made a few Icons~ its only 12 but, feel free to use it~ I know I'm just a beginner when it comes to icon posting~ but still, if someone used some icons I made, please do credit~ ^___^

Sorry~ and it's Koyama less~ XDD



Here @ setsuna_31 for the other~

[Discussion] PV Koi No ABO

domou!! b desu!!

hi girls!! i've been looking for an entry which discuss about NewS PV- Koi No ABO, but failed. So i decided to post this to know  your opinions about the PV. Well, i really love this PV. I think it's the funniest NewS PV ever after Weeeek. There are few things I would highlight:

1. The boys look really funky with the white suits + glasses and funny hairstyles xD
2. I like the way Tesshi and Kei chan tease each other, just look at Tesshi's expression, choo kawaiii
3. It's that only me notice that Massu looks more macho than kawaii. I really think he's so macho in this PV-except when he wears the white suit with huge yellow ribbon; that's really cute 
4. Shige makes so many face expression and it's so funny
5. Kei chan acts as hot host and smashy sexy
6. Ryo chan face is funny too
7. All of them look hot and handsome!! I love this PV so much
8. I can't remember because there are so many things Iwant to say ;p

What about you?? I want to know your opinions too!! Hmm, it's embrassing but i watched  this PV more 20 times. Can't stop myself to keep watching it. Matemasu!!