April 11th, 2009


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russ k icons
please do take one..
my personal faves are the shige ones...
i got lazy to think of the words to put in it...
if taking and you don't want (ex. your username in it) the text written in it, i can change it for you~
i hope you are patient in waiting....

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for more click here here!

comment if taking..
credit me if using

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Hi! Just here to pimp a new comm me and newskattuneito created for us NEWS fans in Malaysia.


Ok, the name's obvious to what it is. So.. join?
Sorry to say it's pretty new since we're only 2 people and we both have failed graphic skills so we're also looking for volunteers to help out if possible. If not, joining is good enough ♥
To join, start by intro-ing yourself here so we can know who you are.


to help out or if there are any questions, feel free to email me at shige.is.mine[at]gmail[dot]com.

NEWS icons 2009 May Issues

Icons!!! According to alphabetical order of the members names. -_-

40 icons using magazines frmo May issues of 2009

and i accidentally gave koyama side burn. see if you can find it. :)

[edit] i just realized i have two pairs of almost identical icons, one of them was actually a draft, but erm, since i'm not going to do the table again, just pick one then. >_<

is it just me is news_jpop a little not so crowded recently... i hope the lack of NEWS activity isnt the reason. >_<

40 icons )

icons! :)

 Heeyy everyone, I'm back with more icons! :) 
Made 13, haha. Have a couple from 恋のABO screen caps, enjoy. ;)


See more in my journal. :)
I know I skipped to update on pi's birthday - I was out for a week, I missed it. To make things worse, I don't have anything new for pi icons! How bad of a fan can I become!?