April 22nd, 2009

musical pirate - Johnny Roger
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Tegomass to return!

Tegomass are coming back to Sweden! The campaign was a success! :D

On May 30, 5PM, Tegomass will perform at Nalen in Stockholm. Entrance fee approximately 20SEK, including a CD single. Sold on site.

Nalen has a limited number of seats so arrive in good time!

On May 29, Tegomass will have a meet and greet in Stockholm. Details to follow.

For more info and updates about Tegomass' visit, mail
or visit tomonariupdates

ETA: Please note that this coincides with Stockholm Marathon and so hostels and hotels are rather packed. If you plan on coming here, you should probably book rooms asap.

ETA2: To those of you worried about Nalen being 18+: There is no such limit for this event. (The limit is the standard 13+.)

ETA3: Please do not phone Nalen asking about Tegomass.

Nalen are worried that too many people will turn up, which is why the arrangement concerning the tickets can still change.

For more info, see tomonariupdates

NEWS on Music Station (1st May)


According to the 4/22 issue of TVguide, NEWS would be performing on Music Station again on 1st of May (which also happens to be Kei's birthday). Hopefully NEWS get to celebrate kei's birthday after their performance :) 

Also, Koi no ABO would be sung on Hi! Hey! Say! on 4/25 (this Saturday). I'm not sure who would be singing though.

To summarize, here are the Koi no ABO promotions to watch out for :) 

4/24- Music Station (TV Asahi 20:00-21:00)
4/25- Hi! Hey! Say! (TV-tokyo 18:30 - 19:00)
4/27- Hey x3 (Fuji TV 20:00 - 20:54) 
5/1- Music Station (TV Asahi 20:00-21:00) 
5/3- Shounen Club (NHK 18:00 - 18:50)

*All timings are in Japan time