May 9th, 2009


[graphic] wallies & SE phone theme

wallpapers :
[2] NEWS
[1] Yamashita Tomohisa
[1] Uchi Hiroki

resolution : 1024 x 768

preview :

3 more wallies are here

Sony Ericsson phone theme :

group : NEWS
graphic : Lawson wallies from daelite

preview : (click to enlarge)

MF dl links for 176 x 220 & 240 x 320 resolution are here

the theme only works for Sony Ericsson phones, sorry T_T

comments if taking will be much appreciated <33
Crizantema Iarna

from where do u get your je stuff?

well i'm thinking about this from some while now.
i would like to ask everyone, especially the european fans from where do they buy their news stuff.
with the cd it's easier, because of the sites cd-japan and yesasia, but the other things like photos and posters?
any information would be appreciated.
*i think that i read most of the posts with resembling questions and i didn't find a clear response, but sorry if i'm mistaking

10 Yamapi widescreen wallpapers

I felt extraordinarly creative this past week so this is the result. All wallpapers are 1680 x 1050. Each has a planetary theme and the texts featured on it are mythologic, alchemic or from old poems. If you click the name of the planet, it takes you to my blog either to read why I created them this way or if the imageshack links don't work.

If you have one you like best, let me know.

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