May 13th, 2009

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Tego vs Jin Icon WARZZ

Now I'm not usually one to stir the pot of fangirl crazy, but I have noticed that Jin's fans have been all kinds of on the ball with the icon making. Soooooo...I decided to make a couple of super-cute Tego-style icons to show my support! <3 This is my first time *evar* to post icons, so please be nice!! <3  =3

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Uchi peace


Hey guys! Some of you may already know but there is a JE texting community, and we haven't gotten anyone new in a few months... so its time to promote yo~

je_texcircle  je_texcircle  je_texcircle  je_texcircle  je_texcircle 

The txt circle is for fans in the US only! You don't have to be a certain age or whatever its for everyone! We text about recent info in Johnny's (and sometimes japanese actors and actresses) or up coming events like cons, birthdays, single releases etc., plus its a fun way to find JE fans that live in your area. Everyone is realy nice too! Don't be scared we don't bite XD so please join the comm! :D
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Why your username???


if yes.
Does your username...
resembles?? represents? or is a name of your favorite
NEWS member??
why did you chose that???

My username is _______ because i really love _______ <3
blah~ blah~ blah~

if not. ignore this discussion. ROLF.
share your username history wiz minna!!!