May 18th, 2009


Hello gorgeous people of the world! 'Tis been a while... Just dropping by to say hello and share my Koi no ABO review post and some photos of our disco-loving NEWS. Check out some other JPOP and JE stuff too if you have time. Just visit my blog at Thanks very much! Peace out!<3

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NEWS Gossip comm

I decided awhile back that it would be fun to have a gossip discussion community where everyone who likes to read gossip for the lulz like I do could post anything they dug up or have read and discuss. So I made one. The layout isn't impressive and the ads are annoying, but I think it would be good to have kind of a compilation of gossip from now until forever of NEWS scandals. It would be entertaining.

NEWS's TV show

I haven't seen anyone post this


■関西テレビ「お笑いワイドショー マルコポロリ!」
5月17日(土) 12:59~13:54 ※小山・増田ゲスト出演

5月21日(木) 26:16~26:46 ※小山・増田ゲスト出演

■日本テレビ系 24時間テレビ32「愛は地球を救う」
8月29日(土)~30(日) ※メインパーソナリティ

■チバテレビ「MUSIC zzZ」
5月15日(金) 23:30~23:55
5月22日(金) 23:30~23:55
5月29日(金) 18:30~18:55/23:30~23:55


I hope someone can rip the another version of PV Koi no ABO in HD ^^" Thanks very much

To Mod, feel free to delete it ^.^"