May 20th, 2009


NEWS icons


this is the first time I've made icons with the intention of sharing them.
I only made 6 haha, because I got lazy. And I ran out of ideas.
I'm not very creative XD

Credits acknowledged in cut (which turns out to be a cut on my own journal that you will never have to click lol)

Click the teaser icon below to see the others

Tesshi is Love

NEWS Pic Caption Crack - part 2?

I got carried away from my last post (Tesshi Covergirl)..
And I'm pretty bored...
So I decided to make another Crack Caption.. ^___^

Forgive for what I've done..


Click on the Preview Picture to see more..

~Ideas came from my baka head
~Dedicated to those who's having a hard day, bad day, sad day, boring day.. and any day... XD
~I wanna know what u think of my baka work.. Comment is <3
credits: &lt;lj user=&quot;cottoncookie&quot;&gt;

New Drama for Ryo

heyy minna~~~~
If anyone already posted about this, sorry to repeat!!! But I haven't found anything about this in previous entries that I searched....

I've been curious about all the Yamapi rumours about him having a new drama with Kitagawa Keiko b/c of mousee_kitty . and so on I went and clicked previous entries then soon clicked skize101 journal entry along with the crunchyroll link

I couldn't help but look through all the dramas to see what to watch during summer vacation, and i came across Ryo's new drama!!!! *squeals* and Takki is in there too♥