May 24th, 2009

Crizantema Iarna

Romania fan meetup

michiru48 organizes a JE FANS MEETUP IN ROMANIA.
This is her original message posted in kattunlove:
Yes you read it well. KAT-TUN have fans even in ROMANIA
I was wondering if anyone is interested in meeting in Cluj-Napoca at a Japanese tea house to flail over KAT-TUN and other JE bands. There is a possibility to have a video projector with the agreement of the lady-owner IF WE ARE ENOUGH TO BUY TEA AND PAY FOR IT hehe XD then there will be no problem about that. (here is the teahouse)

Anyone interested just leave me a message or a comment. Of course you need to live in Romania or be crazy crazy enough to fly by plane here (kidding) or not XD
We already are a few girls (5 actually) interested in this... and 2 other more who can drive from another city (actually they are the ones who gave me the idea)

So please leave a message and if we can gather people I will post the date and place for us to meet.

KAT-TUN IS WORLD WIDE NOW. LET'S MAKE IT WIDER XD (and other bands too don't forget about that)"

Although it says Kat-tun the meeting is for any fan of a J&A band.
She asked me to post this in the news community, but if u are interested please contact michiru48, because she's in charge of this and furthermore i probably won't be able to attend due to my exams:(

EDIT: Mods i hope it's not a problem that some comments are in romanian language.



Wanna play your favourite Johnny´s as HIGH SCHOOL students or TEACHER? Wanna have fun in school and in private pair him with some classmate?? It´s like a living fanfiction XD

Kurogin Gakuen RPG is opened for a year now, but we moved on LJ now. And we need new blood in our vains.

It´s actually very easy to play, just read the profile carefully and don´t make it scare you, I will kindly respond all of your questions and hlep you to join our school :)

For now there is so little members that the play is waiting for new characters to join, so sure come!

Here first check on tha list of characters that are already taken (very few ^^)

Here then fill a little application for a member you´d like to play as

and wait for aproval ^^

Read a profile about our school which includes basic info about our game, rules and some little details about our school <3

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Shuugyou Kongouseki High School; an online roleplay community.

Located in Okinawa, Japan, Shuugyou Kongouseki is a co-ed boarding school, committed to educating the whole person and preparing students to make contributions to a changing and challenging world. The philosophy of Shukon High School defines education as all of the structured experiences in which students participate: course work, athletics, activities, and our life together as a fully residential school.

The students of Shukon are currently working through their first semester of the 2009-2010 school year. It's never too late to
join the student body or staff, but do make sure to go over the school policy, first.

Just opened this month, shukonis an online roleplay community set in a fictional high school, open to all Japanese entertainers. There are plenty of JE boys available at the moment, and so far only Massu has been claimed from NEWS. If you're interested in claiming a muse, please take a look here to make sure your desired boy (or girl.) hasn't already been claimed, then head over to the rules to find out how to go about claiming. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them at this post.