May 27th, 2009

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here @ [info]okimiyage

will be f-locked in 3 days.


Anyway, see what they plan.
Here it is.

July 22(Wed) Osakajo Hall 18:00 *fixed my stupid typo

August 4 (Tue) Yoyogi gym(Tokyo) 19:00

August 11(Tue) Hiroshima ALSOK hall 16:00

August 14(Fri) Sendai Sun Plaza Hall 18:00

August 16(Sun) Well City Sapporo(Hokkaido) 16:00

August 20(Thu) Fukuoka Sun Palace 18:00

(I have been totally pissed off by what they did this time at the cancellation of their events in Sweden plus a certain creator of some of their works, and I strongly apology everyone about the total stupidity of their company just because my nationality is same as those idiots, and this might be my last time to apology for them as I am totally pissed too!!!!)

(Please forgive my wank.)

16 NEWS icons

Ello! This is my very first post in this community :D
and my first post ever sharing icons.
I was toying around with Photoshop Elements earlier and came up with about 16 icons...
so please feel free to look/use/critique. I am open to all opinions ^^


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