June 13th, 2009

Yamapi fan report

Since julieness already wrote a detailed report about what happened at the shoot for Buzzer Beater, this will focus on our interactions with Yamapi. I can't seem to get a cut to work just look down to read about it. Don't worry there's no spoilers!

Ok so after seeing julieness first post about Yamapi's drama shooting the other day I decided I wanted to go too. I looked around and got some really good information from userlolitaprincess about time and place. So along with userscottishwish> and uservenomstripper arrived at Yoyogi gym about 11:30. We got in and managed to get front row above one of the court exits. Perfect for viewing Yamapi. It wasn't until after 8pm that the magic happened. The shoot tended to drag at points and was awesome at others.

Since my friends and I are kind of goofs, we begin entertaining ourselves in the stands not meaning to catch Yamapi's eye in the slightest. We started doing Shige's 'Kuchizuke wo~' move among other member's moves too and Yamapi must have noticed us, he kept on glancing back our direction. At that point we randomly all did the 'Ima wa~'(deguchi man)right when Yamapi glanced up. He saw us and smiled, laughed a little, and bobbed his head. The rest of the night he continued to glance in our direction, maybe to see if we would do anything else silly. We were already ecstatic about being acknowledged by him and being able to entertain him a little bit.

We decided to be daring and ask him out to dinner if he came close enough. We were on the edges of our seats the rest of the night waiting for an opportunity. It was not until he was leaving the court for the last time that we had our chance. He used the exit right beneath us. After saying thank you to the crowd, he made sure to be the last one out. We did our best to raise our voices higher then everyone else's and yelled out in English "Come to dinner with us!" It was at that moment that he stopped, looked at us and thanked us in English and leave. After he left an old lady came up to us and asked what we said to make him talk to us, but we were so incoherent that we really couldn't tell her.

The day ended up being really fun. We made a few new contacts and hopefully we will see Yamapi again soon I hope he remembers us.

Massu's first Solo Butai in November

I just got the news from Sanspo. It's not on Johnny's net yet but I am pretty sure it's official :D

Anyways, Massu will starring his first solo butai in November. The title is called "Ame no Hi no Mori no Naka" (A Rainy Day in the Forest).  It's a comedy :D Massu's character really suits himself, a person who's scared of ghosts and fail to act manly in front of the girl he likes :Dv

Tanimura Mitsuki will costar w/ him. For those who don't know her, she was the creepy one, Yamada, in Meichan no Shitsuji xD This will be her first butai as well. 

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My full report on last day filming Buzzer Beat.

Hi everybody!

I actually slept only 4 hours but cannot sleep any longer...still too excited about what happened to me yesterday...
And I know you are waiting for a full report so I will try to report everything that was interesting!
PS: I couldn't take any pictures or videos this time...too many security guards.

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