June 20th, 2009

broco, ryo

NEWS Icons

Well, My firts entry, Mi twin sister said me "Publish your images", and that's exactly what I go to do ^^,
I'm used to edit images and do to "Lucky" some avatars and headers, ah, Luckystar-chan ^^ is Broco's twin sister.

I love Ryo-chan, and I'm from Venezuela ^-^ and, If some day you need edit some image you can say me and
I'll do it with out problems


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«Arashi» Aiba can has hat

[icons] Never Ending Wonderful Story concert

Hi there~ I'm new and know little about the fandom side of NEWS, so I don't know if this has been done before-- and I'd suspect it has-- but I figured I'd share anyway :3

[135] NEWS Never Ending Wonderful Story concert

(I note that, while I love all of the members, I have a rather large bias towards Ryo and Koyama, and it shows in the icons. |D; )

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