June 22nd, 2009


OS press of Koi no ABO (CD + DVD) on sale in S'pore

I was at Vivo City in the afternoon & I went to Music Junction & I was surprised to find them selling the CD + DVD (Taiwan/OS press) of Koi no ABO which I thought it's so cool .

It's going for S$17.90 & the PG sticker's pasted in FRONT of the single & on the side of the OBI somemore T_T .

As for HMV's case , it's going for S$17.95 & Sembawang's selling it for S$15
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The new 2009 Translation Listing Chart with all the translations this year is done.
Please check this chart instead for further updates. I have slightly changed the format of the chart to avoid enlarging the chart too much and other problems so I apologize if the chart is a bit confusing than before ^^"
Go HERE to view

For those you have questions on viewing locked translations go here for a tutorial.


Gin-sensei and class

question about NEWS winter concert...

pls. delete if not allowed.

i'm just really curious and a bit confused if NEWS is going to release a proper DVD of their last concert tour?

or is it just the dvd clip included in the koi no ABO single that we will get?

since it has been 6 months already, and i don't have any clue when and if will they release a proper one or not.

i hope you guys can enlighten me on this..


* i really want a proper dvd of their concert(>_<')
i've been waiting for too long!~~
NEWS Group Hug♥

Official Tanabata Matsuri lyrics (Short version only)

Hi everyone,
I've kanji+colour-coded romaji+translated Tegomass's upcoming single. Official kanji from brocopi 's Young Song booklet in Myojo scans.
Unfortunately, they only printed the first 2 verses and the chorus....not happy T_T Therefore it will be updated sooner or later.
Anyway if you want to see them, it's over in my lj.
Thanks ^^

2009 24Hour Television Community!

Let's face it, it was called for. In the upcoming months there is bound to be information coming to news_jpop  about 24Hour Television being hosted by NEWS. This community was created for the purpose of bringing all that information together (instead of it being spread throughout the news_jpop  community). Anyone is welcome to join and post!

Located here: news24hrtv