June 26th, 2009

Icons ^_~


[01-22] Nishikido ryo
[01-05] yamadaryosuke
[01-06] Niini no koto wo wasurenai de
[01-12] Orthros no Inu  

[02] nishikido ryoXshige kato 
[01] Nishikido ryo.
[01] Niini no koto wo wasurenai de
[01] Orthros no Inu  

you can find it

Bass guitar Maru

Tegomass Concert Ticket for Sale

Hey, I'm in the Fanclub and I balloted for Tegomass
Unfortunetly, i got a ticket for a concert I cannot attend anymore.

So i am selling my ticket.

Concert: Tegomass summer concert 2009
Where: Sendai, Japan
When: August 14th 2009
What time : 18:00
How many tickets: 1
Price current highest bid: 20,000yen
Due Date: All offers must be in BEFORE July 4 (i wont accept any offeres after that date, mainly to give us time to meet and such, July is a very busy month for me with all the Eito's concerts lol) 

I will accept cash only and will meet in Person ,to exchange tickets for cash, either somewhere in Gunma (where i live) or TOKYO.
I'm a foreigner, so the name printed on the Fanclub ticket is in Katakana.
I will provide a letter as well explaining that i could not attend the concert, thus giving my ticket to a friend at no cost, in case they ask for ID.

Please email me. ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS
kikumarie @ gmail. com