July 1st, 2009

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hungarian fansite~

i made a hungarian fansite about NEWS~~~ (but mostly Tegoshi..)
if you're hungarian you can find subtitles, translations and daily news about the guys.

but i'd like to ask you guys, even if you're not hungarian, to tell your opinion about the layout.. (because its my new layout (: ) you can write in english.. you can write to the chat, or to my 'guestbook' on the left side. if you're going to write to my guestbook, just click to the 'Guestbook' then to the 'Új bejegyzés' (~new comment) and then you have to write your name to the 'Név' box. but e-mail is not neccesary.

thank you so much!

click to yamapiii~~
sorry for tha name ;D (news-jpop)

Bass guitar Maru

1 Tegomass Concert Ticket for Sale- SENDAI

Hey, I'm in the Fanclub and I balloted for Tegomass
Unfortunetly, i got a ticket for a concert I cannot attend anymore.

So i am selling my ticket.

Concert: Tegomass summer concert 2009
Where: Sendai, Japan
When: August 14th 2009
What time : 18:00
How many tickets: 1
Price current highest bid: 20,000yen
Payment Due date : July 10th (or we can arrange something)
Transaction by : in Person or Paypal

I will accept cash only when meetin in Person either somewhere in Gunma (where i live) or TOKYO.
I personally prefer to do everything in person since it is safer for both the buyer and seller, but I will accept Paypal if you do not live in Japan at the moment.

I'm a foreigner, so the name printed on the Fanclub ticket is in Katakana.
I will provide a letter as well explaining that i could not attend the concert, thus giving my ticket to a friend at no cost, in case they ask for ID.

SENDAI is a SMALL venue!!!

Please email me. ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS
kikumarie @ gmail. com

P.S This is a rather Urgent Matter so unless you are sure on buying it..don't email me.
 do not email me about other things not related to buying this ticket, thank you!
hirosue ryoko, neutral

[translation] yamapi in an-an july 2009

A man is only the real thing when he earns the respect of other men! Yamashita's frank discussion on what makes a man a keeper.

From a woman's perspective, the first thing to consider is a man's appeal as a lover. So, in order to see a man for who he is without being sidetracked by appearances, other men are the ones who make the fairest judgments. For Yamashita, who has earned the acknowledgment of other men in his own right, what are the criteria for a man worthy of respect?

( I want to be the kind of man who throws himself into something wholeheartedly. )

Japan Expo

Hi mina-san !

This time, I'm not posting to ask a question, but to announce something to french fans.

Maybe you know, but from tomorrow to snext sunday, one of biggest european event will take place in Paris : the Japan Expo. And this year, CDJapan will be present. So, maybe there will be NEWS' (and other Johnny's) CD ! This is a great occasion for those which til now can't buy their CDs, isn't it :) ?

(In french)
Salut les gens !
Cette fois, je ne suis pas là pour poser une question, mais plutôt pour annoncer quelques choses aux fans francophones ! Vous êtes peut-être déjà au courant, mais à partir de demain, et jusqu'à dimanche, se tiendra un des plus grands évènements européens : la Japan Expo. Et cette année, CDJapan sera présent ! Ce qui veut dire, peut-être des CDs des NEWS (et autres Johnny's) (sûrement, même xD) ! C'est donc une excellente occasion pour celles et ceux qui jsuqu'à présent n'ont pas pu acheter leurs CDs, n'est-ce pas ?

Voilà voilà, j'espère avoir pu apprendre quelque chose à certaines d'entre vous !