July 5th, 2009


well..,something about nishiyama maki,ryo and jin?

Hello guys! I was wondering if anyone saw this: entameblog.seesaa.net/article/122704001.html Well, it`s an article about Jin,Ryo and Nishiyama Maki. I`m still learning japanese so I cant` understand everything but ,shortly,it`s something like " After Akanishi Jin,Nishikido Ryo !?NIshiyama Maki made Johnny`s fans her enemies" I hope i translated well,but here says something about Maki posting pictures of Ryo in her calendar??!.i`m really not sure about this so if anyone can translate this and correct me it would be great ...^_^
I also made a post in </a></b></a>kattunlove since Jin is also involved,you can check comments there too.

Pi's Nikki

here's this 1 whole week Pi's Nikki
(28th June - 4th July)

i've decided that i'll be posting link to my blog weekly over here..
so that it wouldn't seems like i'm spamming this community..hahas..
however this doesn't that mean that i'm not updating his nikki everyday!~!~
i'm still doing my best to update and translate his nikki everyday single day..
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