July 7th, 2009

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Simple Layouts ♥

It's summertime! which means I had the time to make some layouts :)
I made some layouts last year:

I made some NEW layouts... these are much more simple b/c I guess that's what appears to be more popular these days...
I'm also sharing some mediocre wallpapers that I made for fun... so they're only in 1280x800. If anyone really enjoys them, I don't mind taking requests for other resolutions.

[4] Ryo
[1] Yamapi
[1] Koyama
[1] Massu
[1] Tegoshi
[1] Shige
[1] Kanjani8

Wallpaper (1280x800)
[3] Ryo


Collapse )

Fan Meet?

Hi all~

Recently another person on the LJ, [info]mk2star , contacted me after I asked a question about JE shops in Sydney, Australia
We started talking and decieded that if we were going to meet anyway, we should make a full blown Fan Meet out of it!

Having said that,


We're planning on meeting in the City on either a tuesday, thursday, saturday, or sunday.
Details such as times and a meet up place will be discussed at a later date when a date is confirmed.


If so, please contact either me, or [info]mk2star, or simply comment on this post^^

Wasn't really sure how to tag this post, mods, please let me know if anything needs fixing~

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