July 10th, 2009



To all singapore NEWS fangirls out there,
please be reminded that shige's birthday celebration will be tmr!
we're meeting at 1.30 at chinese gardens mrt.
everyone is welcome! and it will be a fun day for sure! xD
for more information please proceed to our community. ^^
if you are going, do remember to let us know by commenting in this post.
ARIGATOU! jyaa ne~ :D

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Scans - Tegomass's Tanabata Matsuri CD only

I got hold of the CD only edition of Tanabata Matsuri earlier on at the local HMV .

I have scanned it up & you can download it via http://community.livejournal.com/boys_paper/656871.html & comment on that respective link if you wish to download/take it , thanks :D

P.S you have to join http://community.livejournal.com/boys_paper/ , if not you're not able to access the link & it only takes a min or 2 to do so :)