July 18th, 2009

World Asia 30 Hottest Artists 2009

This is my first post so please tell me if I did anything wrong :)
credits go to JPopAsia ^^

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edit:// Anybody else surprised that NEWS is higher than Arashi? Cause I am..
but i guess.. congrats :)
And Ya-Ya-yah.. are they allowed to be on here even though they don't exist anymore?!

Mods please remove this if it violates anything :) thanks.

[MBLAQ] oh these dorks

Vampire RPG! :D

Five years have passed since the vampires ‘came out of the coffin,’ and thanks to the synthetic blood beverage True Blood they can now coexist happily with humans. With Japan giving vampires the right to marry and adopt children, you could say that vampires have gained their humanity back.

But of course, some love being demons. Some call True Blood the worst drink they've ever tasted and go back to feeding themselves the way they've been doing it ever since they first appeared. For this reason, many humans aren't that keen on accepting these bloodsuckers into their community... and now that the little town of Yakushima has its first vampire resident, it looks like they’ll have to decide whose side they’re on

Complete Story || Rules || Claims || Apply

This is a brand new RPG, so all JE/Jpop/Kpop characters are open for claiming. So come join us! :D What's not to love about a small town and some vampires?

lovethatblood is loosely based off the True Blood series.

4 more Tegomass album song lyrics

I swear this is the last time I'll flood the community with lyrics.
So I've finally finished doing the kanji+coloured romaji+translation of the following songs that appear on Tegomass's album:
Chicken Boy
Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi
Tatta Hitotsu Dake

That's all the album only songs done~ phew. Thanks for your attention.