August 5th, 2009

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Hi, I got an email from You & J recently and I was wondering if anybody knows exactly how this works?

NEWS 出演 「24時間テレビ」まもなく番組協力受付開始!!


 収録日 : 8月29日(土)・30日(日)※渋谷@JFCでの事前引換えあり

 収録場所: 東京

 集合・終了時間:未定 ※詳しい集合時間は当選者にお知らせ

 申込資格: 1組4名まで


◎番組協力についての問合せ: 0570-033-366 (平日11:00~18:00)

  \(^▽^) 沢山の方のご応募を、お待ちしております!! (^▽^)/

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Sayaendo Whit Kusano?

I have a questiona about sayaendou..
if i remeber right, in the past i read that after the left of Kusano(he left few month before the start of Spring Concert) NEWS(6 menbers) must change the arrangement of the song (if i don't remenber wrong XD The rap part of kusano was delete) and The song, i think, was already recorded.
 So now i ask if there is a version of Sayaendo whit Kusano *_*

(sorry for the bad english)
thanks id advice for the help  ^O^ *hug*