August 28th, 2009

tsn/tgwtdt} stop & rebuild your ruins


♥x06 -- Atanshinchi no Danshi
♥x12;02 -- Instant Star; Summer Glau
♥x13 -- Yamapi; TomaPi; Arashi
♥x12;15 -- Kuroki Meisa; HellCat & Various Magazines
♥x38;29 -- Horikita Maki; Girls Locks
&& 01 Horikita Maki wallpaper; 4 sizes.

h2, song hye kyo, hyun bin

russ-k shanghai

hi, guys...

uhm i wonder if there's a russ-k in shanghai? i know there's a russ-k in beijing as told by

if there's a russ-k in shanghai, hopefully it would be in nanjing lu...

yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^_^

24HR TV community

It's just a little over 13 hours till the start of the 24HR TV event!
I hope you're looking forward to it.

I wanted to let you know that the mods of news24hrtv will be looking forward to your posts,
so make sure that you post your videos and links there as well!!!

Everything will be put in the masterpost and it'll be a good directory to find everything easily.
Enjoy 24HR TV everyone!

Penguin kisses
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I know this is not really news related, but indirectly it is,

I want to know, does anyone have the url code thing that you put into windows media player so that you can watch live japanese tv ??? thanks