August 30th, 2009

Buzzer Beat - Natsu Reshipi

24 Hour TV Updates

a lot of stuff. check it out at news24hrtv.
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some of the new stuff up there:
Ryo darts trip
Story behind Niini no koto wo wasurenaide
Dance Koshien (KoyaShige MC) & NEWS Koi no ABO performance
NO NEWS but I like DAIGO
Koyama's project
Kanno Miho's project
Yamapi's project
last part of 24 hour TV

sorry this post is so lazy xD
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nosecrets_rp | asian artists rp

Set in a fictional village known as Forbes Estates, the most upscale residential area in Tokyo for the rich and elite, nosecrets_rp is about the village's residents as they go on with their day to day lives making good and bad relationships and connections.

In Forbes Estates, whatever action one makes may end up in a morning message sent to every one's phone the next morning by a mysterious phone blogger only known to everyone as G.G. An act of charity or a series of lewd actions can be literally exposed. G.G. however does not give out complete reports. Her messages are mostly meant to stir up gossip and let people decide the truth behind them.

In Forbes Estates, there are NO SECRETS.

Brand new AU role playing community. We welcome any muse from the Asian Entertainment industry.

B.A.P - Himchan - Mechanichan

Icons: Yamapi and Ryo

Hey there, everyone!  I just posted up icons on marsxcollapse  and there's some from Buzzer Beat and Orthros no Inu in there, so I figured I'd share over here!

54 Icons:
09 Buzzer Beat
08 Boys Over Flowers
05 Ikuta Toma
05 Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
08 G-Dragon (Big Bang)
11 TVXQ (aka Tohoshinki)

05 Orthros no Inu
03 Yamamoto Yusuke


Found here at marsxcollapse !  Post is public for four days only, so please join!  There's more pretty boys over there. =D