September 2nd, 2009


Influenza Update from J-web

Hi to you all, now the new information is updated on J-web.
(see HERE first if you haven't read)

1: Official announcement on J-web

Announcement about Influenza
As both Ryo Nishikido (on August 31) and Tomohisa Yamashita (on September 1) are diagnosed as the Influenza type A, by the direction of their doctor, we decided that to stop them working for a while to stay at home until complete recovery.

We apology to bother you from our heart.

September 1, 2009
Johnny's and Associates

2: Then, Pi didn't update his Nikki tonight.

Let's pray for their recovery!
They are now taking good rest.

Let's pray for Pi and Ryo :)

I don’t know this entry can be allowed by mods or not but I still post it. If it’s not allowed so mods can del it :)


You know, Yama-P and Ryo got influenza type A ne? Though it’s not a dangerous disease causing death but it’s highly contagious. Maybe all NEWS members will get this disease too. Aww, I don’t want to think anymore.


Let’s share your feeling about this news. And though we can’t do anything to help them, let’s pray for them together ne :)



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More detail about RyoPi

I don't know if anyone already post this link, but i just feel to share this becos i'm soooo worried about them >.<. I this link from my friend...becos can't read japanese as good as her, so she give me this link instead

i already ask for permission, if she doesn't allow it and mods too , i'll delete asap, or maybe someone could indentify where this news come from?  

i also trying to find another reliable source (of course with my friend's help) ^^

Hope they'll be fine *prays*


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