October 4th, 2009

[hsj] 狼青年

[mod post] end of moderated posting!

It's been a little under a week since I put the comm on moderated posting, and I think other than the first day there weren't any problems whatsoever. I'm going to take the comm off of moderated posting now, since I'm also leaving on a school trip to the middle of nowhere soon and I really don't want to have the posts backlog for three days. /D;;

Thank you all so, so much for putting up with this! ilu guys <3
[hsj] 狼青年

[sales] October sales masterpost

Any and all sales for September sales should be posted here!

★ Your subject should contain the item(s) you're selling. An few examples of this would be TegoMasu - Ai Ai Gasa LE single, NEWS - Koi no ABO RE single, NEWS - Pacific RE album, TV GUIDE magazine (issue number goes here), Duet August 2007 NEWS clippings, etc, etc.
★ Your comment should include relevant details about your item(s), alongside a way to get in contact with you, such as your email or a link to your LJ.
★ If you have a new item(s) to be sold, but already have posted a comment to the sales post, please reply to your original comment (using the same format for the original) with the new item(s) details.
★ If your item(s) has been sold, reply to your original comment with 'SOLD', 'NO LONGER AVAILABLE', 'CLOSED' or anything similar to those in the subject.
★ To keep up with the latest sales on this post, you should track this entry! You'll be notified with an email if there's any new comments.

Any sales posts after this post will be deleted immediately unless they fall under the exceptions.

(Sorry for the late! ;A;)