October 5th, 2009


Posts regarding Webgain Links

There have been posts regarding the danger of webgain links.
I just decided to make a post because it seems that people are still unsure of confused with what webgain links are.

When you click to shop for Yesasia through someone else's links, you will be tracked by Webgains. Webgains is valid company that is associated with Yesasia. When you buy something through that link, you are STILL PAYING THE SAME PRICE. The only difference is that a certain percentage of your sales will be paid by Yesasia to Webgains who then pays another small percentage to the person who posted the links.

Yes, when you click on the links, your cookies will be recorded so you are "tracked" which is not a bad nor a good thing. NONE of your personal information gets to Webgains nor the person who posted the links. ONLY Yesasia will have your personal information when you purchase their goods. AGAIN, Yesasia and Webgains are BOTH valid international companies.

So, it's just based on YOUR decision whether you want to click on the links or not. If you click on the links, you will not be charged fees nor get your personal information taken nor get a virus on your computer. BUT the person who posted the links will make a commission from your sales.

Hope this cleared SOME confusion up. So girls and boys who were kind of freaked out before, don't panic about getting viruses or your identity stolen.
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Massu's StagePlay :D

I was watching Arashi no Shukudai-kun and at the end they promoted a butai that massu will be in.
amazingly i was like 0.0 at first because I didnt expect that to be massu.

more info at Massu no butai

The butai is starring together with Tanimura Mitsuki
The name is called: 雨の日の森の中 or In the forest on a rainy day
Oh forgot to add this. They play will be in tokyo and in Osaka <- failed kanji reading, though I'm chinese, can't read the place for it, but click the link ^^

Here's a picture of the butai from Arashi no Shukudai-kun [note: this is Stormy's team subs, so yeah ^^]

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This is a poll held by SISTIC Singapore to let fans vote for their favourite artists to come to Singapore to have a concert or something :D
so everyone in singapore, or anyone, please help to vote for them! Thank YOU!


statistics ->
Top 5 Most Requested:

Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki    32%

Arashi    30%

Super Junior    21%

SS501    9%

KAT-TUN    3%