November 2nd, 2009

sherlock ✩ [s h e r l o c k ]

Ryo's guitar? :/

Hi! Everyone. I'm just new here, and it's my first time posting here. XD
Please pardon the foolishness. XD

Well, ehem.
I just got curious and I want to know if Ryo Nishikido's guitars have any names?
(well as a musician and guitar addict maybe? xD, I thought Ryo have many guitars, right?)
That's why as I asked earlier, I wanna know if his guitars have names. XD
My friend have many guitars and he cherish it all alot, that's why he gave his guitars names.
I thought Ryo's in the same condition too. (well maybe.)
Like the one he used on his PV Code. That's his right? I was curious if that guitar of his has name...
So that's all, XD Thanks for those who will answer this post.

Mods, you are free to delete this if it's not allowed.

Pi's Fashion in "Loveless"

Hey girls (and boys maybe? xD)

I watched Loveless PV, and I'm fond of Pi's clothes! What a wonderful sense of fashion he has! So I was wondering, do you know where I can find:

* His hat (*_* I'd die to have it!) (I can't read the brand properly.. can something..)

* this kind of boots

Ok, sorry for the bad pics quality, I did my best xD
So, if you know some online stores, or eBay sellers links, I'd be very appreciated!

Bye buddies =)