November 5th, 2009

  • j_halo7

Questions about Tokyo Globe Theatre

Hi, I have some questions regarding the Tokyo Globe Theatre Massu's butai is held at. Do you need to have a ticket to enter the building and buy goods? Is there a specific time period to buy goods or are they open all day long? For those who have been there, is it easy to find the theatre from the nearest JR station Shin-Okubo?

Massu's stageplay goods!

Hi! im taking preorders for Massu's Stageplay goods!

All prices includes shipping fees if you dont mind me bringing them back personally from Japan to singapore. And distribution would be after 4th January!

Please proceed here:
*there are special offers too!*

Also selling some news stuff on my community! hence, please proceed there!!

Overseas buyers are all welcome!