November 20th, 2009

massu - =w=


i've made some wallies (1024px × 768px) and i thought i'd like to share those here. ^^

[02] NEWS
[02] Yuya Tegoshi
[01] Takahisa Masuda
[01] Ryo Nishikido
[06] Hey! Say! JUMP
[03] Hey! Say! BEST
[02] Hey! Say! 7
[01] Daiki Arioka
[02] Koji Seto
[02] Buono!
[01] Airi Suzuki


here at my journal~
KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Icons (15)

Hey whats up you all? hehe finely I got my lovely photoshop back!
so I was happy and kinda crazy so I rushed and made 52 icons!
of my awesome boys hope you will like some:

ARASHI: (25)
KAT-TUN: (15)
NEWS: (12)


for many more click Here @ kamesoul
comment if taking & credit if using please!