December 23rd, 2009

Pi glasses

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1-54 >You're beautiful
55-58 > You're beautiful gifs
59-69 >Akanishi Jin

70-75 > Code Blue
76-91 > Jang Geun Suk
92-95 > Jeong Yong Hwa
96-100 > Kamenashi Kazuya
101-109 > Lee Hon
110-117 > Lee Min Ho
118-137 > Robert Pattinson

138-142 > TomaPi
143-162 > Yamashita Tomohisa 


here @ dreamzet 

Eternal (by PIN in pi's solo con) - Cover

i did a cover of Eternal, the song Yamapi sang with Jin at Pi's solo concert~
just thought i'd like to share this here too since i shared it at the kat-tun comm~
since it involves pi, and its a beautiful song!
and its all thanks to pi that we were able to hear this song deshou =D

well if you are interested, its at my lj
--> here
*disclaimer: i'm not that gd so..ahah its just to share the song ne^^*

i'm new here so its my first time posting~
if there's anything wrong, mods please feel free to delete!