December 31st, 2009


Johnny's Countdown 2009-2010


Hey guys! Are you excited for the Countdown?!
Is anyone planning on watching it online?

I remember during last years concert, there was an ongoing thread here on the community and I'd like to get that started again... 

Look like KeyHoleTV is our only bet.
We all know how it lags up and is unable to log in if too many people try to watch it though.
I wish us all good luck!

Seems like over 1000 people are viewing Fuji TV through KeyHole.

I need to give some special thanks to mintceres  and nymphetamosa  for providing the link.
(and thanks to the person streaming it)
=D You guys rock!

Where is Kusano?

Hello, after watching Johnny's countdown 2009-2010 I have been dying to ask this question:

What happened to Kusano? Where is he? Is he still apart of Johnny's?

I only ask this because Uchi was present for the countdown last year as well as this year. All I remember about Notti is that he went to New York to study english or dance (which ever) and somewhere (I can't recall where I had heard or read it from) Ryo said that he would go to the states and study then come back to be apart of NEWS.

I don't want to burst any Kusano fan's bubbles but what happened to him. The last information I read regarding him was from a french blogger here on LJ showing a picture of him and her when she went to KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates Tour last year, and suprisingly he was wearing a staff shirt.

Does he even participate in any Johnny's events or stage plays anymore? He doesn't do Play Zone with Uchi, so I'm confused whether he's still apart of the agency, and if he still is, does anyone or has anyone heard of anything he will be doing in the furture?

Sorry mods if this has been discussed before but seriously, I am just overly curious as to what happened to the demoted NEWS idol.

Edit: The french blogger I mentioned above has commented on this post and has cleared up my previous statment. Appparently, it was just this past summer when she had meet Kusano and had taken a picture with him, but he was still wearing KAT-TUN's Queen of Pirates Tour Concert t-shirt that had STAFF written on the front. Maybe a complementary shirt?

Also, so there is no misunderstanding on my view about this subject, but I too would not like to see Uchi or Kusano back in NEWS just because I have always known NEWS as a 6 member group. And although I am sure that the current members and demoted members are still friends, I am sure that the current NEWS members would find it unfair if they came back and took the credit for what the 6 members have already accomplished. For me, I would just like to know what Kusano is doing and that whatever it is he chooses to do, I hope he is happy and that goes for Uchi as well.
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Yamapicspam - A Decade of Pi

I've been working on a Yamapi picspam and I just finished/posted it today. I figured some other Yamapi fans might like to see it? :) There's spoilers for 5 of his dramas, and it's also image heavy/not dial-up friendly, so you have been forewarned. XD

Click on the banner to view the picspam~ There are two parts, btw. Part 2 is linked to at the bottom of part 1, of course. ^^