March 13th, 2010

Kei uh ? °3°


Hello everybody!

I don't know is this has already been posted, but  French fan need your help! A French festival (Japan Expo) organizes a vote to decide which artist they vould bring at this festival for a concert there. And of course I really hope NEWS will be chosen. So if you don't mind helping us >go there<

1st question: What kind of artist or group do you want see?
Chose Johnny's

2nd question: On what day?
Chose what you want XD

3rd question:  How long should the concert last ?
-hmm Johnny's concert last for 2h or 2h30, rightt? so maybe it would be best to chose the 2nd possibility.

4th question: What price can you pay to see your favourite group ?
- Chose the last possibility : plus de 30£ si c'est mon artist préféré (more 30£ if it's my favourite artist) I think we have more chance to see them with money u_u"

5th question: Which artist or group do you want to come?
- Type"NewS" please

6th question: What is your email?
You can put your email, but you don't have to

Thanks for your help~ French fans will remember this forever~~