March 30th, 2010


We're trending #sakuragirl


Today is the release of SAKURA GIRL single to show our support we will trend #sakuragirl peak at 12PM JAPAN TIME, but you guys can start trending now.

please help out by tweet with


hashtag, please dont tweet everything #sakuragirl because it will be counted as spam, just tweet something with #darekiss. also please unlock your tweets if theyre locked.

Thank you, and lets Support #sakuragirl like we did on #darekiss, please join the dicussions just type #sakuragirl on the search box and join us.

Thank you


My radio is also open: I'm playing all the songs in sakura girl now, if you have any request just tweet it with #sakuragirl
Dean♥Peyton#Please forgive me I can't st
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