May 10th, 2010


Info site on J&A-related activities in Europe

Welcome to take a look at the new home page for Tomonari, an association for Johnny's fans in Europe (and for anyone interested in Johnny's events/activities in Europe!).

The site works mainly as a portal through which you can access communities, associtations and events across Europe.

Another purpose of the site is to be a place where we can provide up-to-date information in case J&A decide to send artists on promotion events to Europe again. We were involved with the Tegomass event in 2006 as well as the canceled one in 2009, and during both times (especially in 2006) the information we gave created a lot of confusion, since it seemed to come "out of nowhere". Sweden and Tegomass are obviously the most likely candidates for a future event, but other artists are not out of the question, especially considering that J&A did plan to send Kame and Yamapi to Stockholm after Seishun Amigo had been released in Sweden.

It would be helpful if as many fans as possible could put their name on the map (in the "Fans" section), so that we would have a chance of showing J&A the vast amount of fans in Europe. They are always very concerned with this matter when they plan events. In 2009, I think they underestimated the number of fans who would have come to the Tanabata Matsuri event.

It would also be appreciated if you could give us links to European J&A communitites on LJ, or any other links you think would be relevant, so that we can add them to the "Links" section (which is under construction).

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation, and hopefully we can make the fan activities in Europe more organized - something we will all benefit from. If you have any questions, just ask!

P.S. You can follow tomonariupdates or Tomonari@Facebook for updates.