July 11th, 2010

SHO - Blue

Kojima Haruna (AKB48) tweets “Tegoshi”

Minna! It's been a while. and i know this one is kinda related to some NEWS member, and yeah... it's Tegoshi

Kojima Haruna (AKB48) tweets “Tegoshi”

AKB48 member Kojima Haruna, tweeted the word “Tegoshi” on her twitter.  Although she deleted it right away, her 45,000 followers are overflowing with curiosity.

The reason why people are going crazy over this tweet, is because there was a rumor before that Haruna was dating Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS).  There are many threads about it on 2 channel (Japan’s biggest internet forum), and people are trying to decode what the tweet meant.  Some people assume that Haruna is admitting to the rumor about dating Tegoshi Yuya.

Haruna has not said anything about the tweet yet.


**and now goes back to sleep thinking and wondering if this one is true?