August 7th, 2010

Massu Soba

NEWS podcast!

I've always been interested in starting a podcast and so I have! This one is specifically for NEWS! I posted the first episode yesterday! There will be a new episode every week hopefully Eventually you'll be able to subscribe to it through iTunes.

Please check it out!

Feedback is much appreciated! I won't post anymore updates here so bookmark it or subscribe to the RSS feed!

Thank you!

Duet 2010.09 - Translation-

DUET 09.2010 translation - A DAY WITH NEWS

NEWS take us with them to a typical day-off ^_^

Wanna go to the beach with Ryo-chan or to the movies with Yamapi?
I don't recommend you to go with Tegoshi or Massu to their maniacal days...but I wouldn't mind to go to Spain with Shige or see the hard-working Koyama's schedule... XD XD

Enjoy here --->    Click!