October 15th, 2010

wet massu

Music station?

Saraです!I'm new in news_jpop but I'm not new as a NEWS fan ;)
Trying to look at Music Station but well... The quality is, the least said baaaad :'( I was planning on recording it but... well haha...
Is their someone who knows any better way to look than KeyholeTV? Or maby someone could put the dlips up with good quality? ^_^ おねがい

Massu has been wearing glasses a lot recently ^_^ It fits him, but I think it's hiding his cute face to much~

Calling out to all with Twitter!

Please go to Twipple.jp (Simpler Japanese version of Twitter, click on the yellow button to the top right hand corner of the page to synchronize your Twitter account with Twipple), and trend #FightingMan as Music Station is showing from 8PM JST (which is 7 minutes from now).

Music Station is already trending on Twipple, let's make Fighting Man trend as well! XD