December 20th, 2010

jin smirk :D

Oricon Yearly Album and Singles Ranking for 2010

Oricon released their yearly album and singles ranking!

2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking TOP50 : Albums

34. “LIVE” – NEWS : (185,204)

The “2010 Oricon Yearly Ranking” for singles: TOP 50 : Singles

25. “Sakura Girl” – NEWS : (232,752)
29. “One in a million” – Yamashita Tomohisa : (204,561)
32. “Fighting Man” – NEWS : (173,206)

see who else made it,


[Translation] Koyama's last Tweet (December 20,2010)

 It really feels sad that 40 minutes ago, he tweeted his last tweet. Today's performance has ended, and so was his role for Shigeto Ooyama. ;o; At the end (even though we knew), he revealed that he was Koyama Keiichiro. I really feel sad right now. ;o;


(Ooyama Shigeto was lead by Koyama Keiichiro. Even after this we're still friends okay)

Recommendation when visiting tokyo: Johnny's Temple

interested to know a place where you can wish & pray for your favorite johnny's?

Around Kagurazaka in central Tokyo lies 善国寺(Zenkoku-ji, Zenkoku Temple), sometimes also called the Johnny’s temple because of the large number of Johnny’s fans who come to pray for their favourite group’s success or simply pray they will get tickets to an upcoming concert. 

read more here @ [info]tesshimassu  :)

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