December 28th, 2010

NEWS heroes

where is this from?

Hey all you NEWSelicious fandom!
Just have a question. I found this Macro and I KNOW I've seen the actual magazine it was taken from but I can't remember which one it is so I can' find it! I would really love to have the original picture, although the macro's so cute! Any help?

Thank you! ^_^

PS: mods! you know what to do! Just let me know :)


well that was fast! Thank you sailorocean You get a cookie!! ^_^

EDIT: If anyone's interested, you can find the scans of the september 2007 issue of Popolo here
Please go by the NEWS Scans community rules. Credit goes to them <3 
Ryopi Ai!

My Failed Attempt At A Ryopi Tote Bag..

 I was attempting to make my best friend the best ever Ryopi bag for Christmas! But yeah... that didn't fly too well... Ugh! The stupid thingy wouldn't transfer!!! It looked so perfect when I first started but now it's... yeah... It actually doesn't look that bad in the picture, but when you look up close, you can see all the flaws. Like Ryo's hair started falling out so I had to peel some of his hair off... and if you look closely, you can see Yamapi's hair is peeling off too. Well, luckily I have two more tote bags so I have two more chances to get this right! Hopefully, I can get it perfect on the next shot because i want one for myself! Hahaha yeah I'm thinking about myself too. Sorry Egge if you're reading this... Well... Surprise? hehe Well yeah i just wanted to show you guys my pathetic excuse for a bag and ask for any tips on iron transfers. So if any of you guys have any, please tell me because I need all the help I can get. Please and thank you!