January 6th, 2011


TEGOMASS NEW SINGLE 「青いベンチ」(Aoi Bench)

Finally Tegomass new single  「青いベンチ」  (Aoi Bench)

2011.02.16 RELEASE!!!!!!!

Limited Edition JECN-255 ( 1200 yen Tax incl.)

- 8-page booklet.

1. [CD] 青いベンチ (Aoi Bench)
2. [CD] 青いベンチ (オリジナル・カラオケ) (Aoi Bench : Original Karaoke)
3. [DVD] 青いベンチ (Music Clip&Making) ( Aoi Bench : Music Clip & Making)

AMAZON 青いベンチ【初回盤】 [CD+DVD]
YESASIA (Limited Edition)

Regular Edition JECN-257 ( 1000 yen Tax incl.)

1. [CD] 青いベンチ (Aoi Bench)
2. [CD] 青いベンチ (Acoustic Ver.) (Aoi Bench : Acoustic Ver.)
3. [CD] 卒業アルバム (Sotsugyou Album)

AMAZON 青いベンチ【通常盤】
YESASIA (Regular Edition)

Special thanks to news_je for tweeting this info

And then Tegomass new album and Tegomass Concert tour !! PLS ANNOUNCE, Johnny-sama onegai >/\<

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