May 9th, 2011


PIG + SKULL = *faints*

Preview :

Table : 8 rows x 5 columns
Total : 40 icons <3

catch this buta HERE @ 

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Table :  8 rows x 5 columns
Total : 40 icons \(^0^)y

catch this skull boy HERE 

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tegoshi, ;*

Advertisement for a new community: Johnny's UltraStar!

je_ultrastar is a new open-membership community dedicated to sharing Johnny's songs for UltraStar karaoke game.

If you know what UltraStar is and you are dissapointed by lack of songs by Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS, KAT-TUN or other JE artists, join our community to be able to download the songs we already made and those that will be made in the future.

If you don't know UltraStar but you would like to try singing some of Johnny's songs, you can join to discover UltraStar karaoke game and have fun with your friends.
Bem X Jin Chibi

Tickets for Marching J Baseball Game

Hey there! ^^~

I hope it is okay to post this here since it's not only directly NEWS-related ~~"

I just wanted to ask if there is anyone wo is part of the Fan Club who isn't planning go to the Marching J Baseball Game and could therefore order 3 tickets for me!
I'm totally new with all of the ticket buying and Fan Club stuff and I don't know if you only get really bad seats if you just have joined the Fan Club recently and stuff. Plus my Japanese kinda... sucks ^^"
Anyway I'd be happy if anyone would be willing to help me >___<"
Also if money's a problem, I'd be willing to pay the first half of the tickets in advance! :)

Please PM or e-mail ( me (:

Thanks in advance!