September 7th, 2011

PhotoShigenic 46 - 47 [Translation]


Today is Photoshigenic's turn :)

Photoshigenic 46  -  This is the last month's one, Shige shows the illustrations he did for the butai staff and talks again about the ending of Rokugatsu no Bitter Orange.

Photoshigenic 47 - The latest one, even Shige this time talks about kids! He also shows his transformation into a superhero...


J-web now available to iPhone and Android users

And yes, even if you're not in Japan you can register :)

You'll have to know Japanese to follow through the registration process, or try your luck in guessing ;) - here's where you need to choose which smartphone you have, iPhone or Android and proceed from there.

Please note that you must have a valid credit card if you're registering from outside of Japan. You'll be charged monthly fee of 315 yen for the usage of the site.

I'll try to write a more detailed info on registration if I'll have time later today, if anyone would be able to help faster - it'd be great :)

crossposted to kanjani8 comm A huge thanks to spurious for tutorial on joining - available here