October 13th, 2011

Ryo, Nishikido

K-chan NEWS 11.10.11 Recording

Hey guys, I didn't record this but my friend somehow got it and I've uploaded them ^_^ This is the episode where K-chan apologised and stuff, then Massu was punished to sing Bambina and the boys laughed like crazy despite being on national radio, even after Yamapi & Ryo-chan left <3 They're so sweet~~~

Here are the links:

Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?2vdo2eluv82u2gn
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?9llyj17qaozypci

NEWSpice #22 + Potato 11.2011 [Translation]

Hello my dear NEWS fans

I'm here, as usual, and as I'll always be, to share some latest translations of our beloved guys ^___^

I know this is an hard, sad sad moment but still I didn't want to leave work behind, that's why I still wanted to translate the latest magazines featuring NEWS as 6 members. Hope they will make you forget for a while and smile a little!!

POTATO 11.2011 - NEWS talk about words, the words are power, nourishment and magic. Come to find out why!

NEWSPICE #22 - The long-waited Nishikato cross-talking about movies and music! Plus the little translation of the comic about Koyama watching *scandalous* Shige-Shozaburo in Hanawake....featuring a special sister we haven't seen in the drama...Tegoshi XD  I also added a tiny translation of two written messages by TegoMass!!

Enjoy! And Fight-O!