November 17th, 2011

【 NEWS 】Let's all touch Shige's hair
  • sumairu

[mod] Regarding Yamapi

Hello NEWS fans!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my lack of presence and responsibility for this community. I would say "life got in the way!" and use it as an excuse. But there is no excuse for my absence. I have been quietly lurking and haven't done much over the past few years simply because I was not responsible. And for that, I apologize. I promise not to be a zombie-mod anymore.

With that being said, you've clearly seen two posts regarding updates about Yamapi being posted in the NEWS community. I'm basically going to reiterate what I posted in the comments just so I can make this official.

Both sides make valid arguments and personally, I agree with both. Yamapi isn't with NEWS anymore so there shouldn't be updates about him 24/7 when he already has a community of his own (much like Tegomass).

However, I do think it is fine to post updates about Yamapi only when he is releasing a DVD/single/album or having a concert tour (& and link it to the yamapi community). Any other topics like personal interviews, magazine scans, upcoming drama roles etc. should be kept at the Yamapi community since I don't think a lot of the fans would appreciate seeing all those un-related NEWS updates. I think there has to be some sort of compromise because I know not everybody checks other individual communities, myself included (occasionally). But at the same time, Yamapi has been a huge part of NEWS since the very beginning so I don't think it's fair for other fans to just quickly shut him off like that. Debates & compromises aside, emotions have to be taken into consideration as well. A lot of our international fans rely on this community for updates. To tell people off, especially those who are still sensitive to the whole 'when 6 became 4' situation, is unfair in my honest opinion.

I don't think weekly updates are necessary because Yamapi is not part of NEWS anymore. I don't think we can organize this like we do with Tegomass because they're still with NEWS. But I do think it's okay to post about Yamapi when he's about to release something aka 'Announcement updates' only.

I have proposed that the mod(s) over at _yamapi should only be responsible for putting updates about Yamapi rather than having multiple fans posting multiple things at once. Others have proposed weekly-updates or do not post anything at all. Thus, I have created a post that (should) voice everyone's ideas/inputs/suggestions just so everybody's opinions taken into consideration.

I would love to hear all of your opinions and I will do my best to answer and reply to any inquiries, suggestions, constructive-criticism etc.

EDIT (Nov 18, 12:00 AM PST): I've been reading all of your comments and I would like to thank you for your insightful opinions and considerations. I might not be able to answer all of your comments (because I have work full-time so I don't have access to the computer all the time), but rest-assured I have read them all. You will be hearing from me soon! Keep them coming!

Poll #1795784 Yamapi (& ex-members) updates

What should we do with the Yamapi & ex-member updates?

Leave it the way it is. It IS a NEWS community after all!
Take them off completely
Once-a-week 'Free for all' entry for ANY updates & discussion regarding ex-members
Important announcements only (singles, albums, concerts, dvds) posted by mods from other communities

Suggestion regarding the ex-member situation

As many of you noticed, the ex-member situation is causing some trouble.
Some don’t want to hear about them some do.
However this is a NEWS (N4WS) community thus NEWS should be the main focus. But I do understand fans who want to have info about ex-member. Thus I think that huey_tsai 's idea was pretty good.
What about having a weekly “Free for all (name the ex-member) post” where fans could share info.
This way NEWS would be the main focus but people interested in ex-member activities would also get infos.

As beastrife suggested it we may also add a link to link fans who are looking for information to a new place to post and get updates on a former member.