January 1st, 2012


hello guys :D

hi people, this is my first time posting here~
i have been taking requests from lj peeps for magazine translations and, although i'm mainly doing eito's stuff, i recently got a request for a real short NEWS article from 2008. 
so i thought i'd share it here too..
shige tells us 3 secrets about ryo! apparently ryo has fractured his bones more than 20 times *blanches* DD:
if you guys are interested in it, the translation is over here!

fyi, there is also an article below but its an eito article. feel free to look around tho :)
(i'm not really in touch with the situation and am not sure if a ryo article can be posted here.. if it can't please just reject this, thanks!)
[hsj] 狼青年

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Happy New Years, everyone!