July 18th, 2012


Chankapana PV directed to foreign fans?

Hey guys,
I guess we have all seen the Chankapana PV by now?
So there are a few things I was wondering about and I would like to get your opinion.

I'm really curious about whether the whole PV is a message to the foreign fans or whether this is a start to promote Johnnys more in foreign (American/European) countries?
I mean, WHY do they have the whole introducting part with english subtitles?
And above all: WHY is the English so good? I mean normally Japanese don't really care about the language and just spell words wrong for example. But those subtitles are so accurate!

Also, the PV is really westernized. I mean, sure, we always had Western girls in Johnny's PVs
(for example Kanjanis "Wonderfull World!!" or KAT-TUNs "Don't you ever Stop") but somehow I feel like this time it's different. Because here, even people who don't know anything about NEWS and Johnny's in General could watch this and find it funny, I think. So is the whole PV a try to reach foreign fans?

I mean, JE is opening up to foreign fans, with the foreign newsletter and the possibility to get concert tickets for example. AND there is also the fact that Tegomass went to Sweden once . . . so do you think that they maybe want to push NEWS more towards foreign fans? It could be a good time since the two most popular and famouse members in Japan, Ryo and YamaPi, are gone now, so maybe they want to try something new with NEWS?

Maybe my imagination went a little bit too far but I think the whole thing is worth a tought :) I really would love to hear your opinion too! So let me know in the comments :D