July 30th, 2012

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NEWS' Keiichiro Koyama will be starring in an all-new stage play this November.

The play is titled, "Hello, Goodbye", which will run from Nov. 25th to 30th in Tokyo Globe Theater and from Nov. 30th to Dec. 3rd in Piloti Hall Mironomiya.

Casts includes: Cast: Tanaka Miho, Segawa Ryo, Miyuki Sato, Nozomi Masu, Takamasa Tamaki, Naoko Yoshimoto, and Naomi Akimoto.

This is Kei-chan's 5th(?) stage play since "Room O" (2010)

Official Site

I've been searching for the storyline of "Hello,Goodbye" but all I'm getting is the Beatles' song of the same title. Perhaps, it's related to the song?