January 13th, 2013


Pink and Gray / ピンクとグレ manga pages Giveaway!

I recently bought the first volume of Pink to Gray manga that you can buy HERE.
However, I had previously bought the Gekkan Asuka manga magazine issues to get the first and second chapters. I don't need these pages anymore since I already have the volume book so I wanted to do a fun giveaway for them.



There is a little of a catch! I wanted to have a little fun with this giveaway so I hope it won't be too troublesome to most.

WINNER: The winner will be randomly selected based on the number of total entries submitted. It is open to everyone and anyone who participates by handing in an entry and willing to share their address for me to mail the prize to.

PRIZE: Gekkan Asuka's magazine clippings of Pink to Gray chapter ONE and TWO shipped for free to the winner.

DEADLINE: Sunday January 27th 2013

HOW TO ENTER: (Read more...)