March 5th, 2013

Freecell - Kato Shigeaki (highlights)

Today I'm here to share a translation of the most interesting highlights of Shige's special interview for the magazine Freecell (31.01)
The interview is of course about the novel Senkou Scramble and it gives a good idea of Shige's mind writing it and some details concerning the book and Shige's explanations about them.


Enjoy ♥

Edit: I'd also like to share the link of another little translation I did. Today on Kchan NEWS KoyaMassu mentioned and talked about Yamapi.
A must-read for all the fans ♥ ----> CLICK HERE


(SUMMARY) Tegomass no Radio 2013.02.28 & Orisuta Readers Questions Translation

Hi guys,
would like to share the latest summary for Tegomass no Radio, where the boys talked about one of their loneliest and most embarrassing moments. They also talked about how Tegoshi being (the only) attention center at the airport and made Massu feel lonely (lol). I've also translated the reader questions parts from Orisuta, if you're interested, just click on the links below:

Radio Ep. 71: bananatego and ichigomassu

Orisuta March 2013 Readers Questions