June 27th, 2018


夜よ踊れ - eng translation

I did a quick translation of BLUE b-side song 夜よ踊れ and uploaded it to my lj

I am not fluent neither in Japanese nor in English, so please kindly point me at mistakes in both languages, so I can improve the text and in general

while translating I realised this song could be very well a recap of the scandals of the past few weeks~ in a fictionalized, over-stylized way though

I really hope to see this song live one day, but it's just a b-side & due to it's "burning" content it could be banned in the current situation (although it would be a great song to show off, be キラキラ and とてもチャライ aka all things NEWS)

hm~ anyway - here are the lyrics

diclaimer: The japanese text is not mine. I am not fluent, neither in Japanese nor in English